Collection: Dongfeng autonomous driving project
Dongfeng's autonomous driving project has invested more than 1 billion yuan in research and development.
Collection: Vivo IoV & Baidu CarLife Smart Cabin System
Vivo IoV & Baidu CarLife Smart Cabin System offers hundreds of millions of users an experience that "brings simplicity to technology and joy to users", enabling them to truly enjoy the benefits and care brought by science and technology in the context of 5G+AIoT.
Collection: Tencent Cloud WeCity
Tencent's WeCity adheres to the people-oriented humanistic concept, based on sustainable urban development, creates a harmonious and innovative relationship between people and cities, and empowers the city in all aspects.
Collection: Sensing, Computing and Storage Integrated Ad hoc Networking Space Router
In the digital age, the software has become an indispensable necessity for people's production and life.
Collection: CERNET Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure
CARSI is a service for universities and research institutes that have established unified identity Authentication on campus network.
Collection: Digital Twin of Industrial Internet based on global and full-scene intelligence
The COSMOPlat Global Digital Twin System is based on the BaaS engine.
Collection: Wide-area Collaborative High-end Large-scale Programmable Automation System and Its Application
The project has realized industrialization and large-scale promotion of more than 4,000 sets in energy, metallurgy, petrochemical, and environmental protection industries.
Collection: Winter Olympics Guarantee Brain - Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics power operation guarantee command platform
The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Power Operation Guarantee Command Platform supports the interconnection and interaction between Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and Electric Power and provides power supply services for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics through data sharing and platform openness.
Collection:Spatio-temporal information service based on 5G+BeiDou
Spatio-temporal information service based on 5G+Beidou is China Mobile's in-depth deployment of the two core capabilities of Beidou high-precision positioning and Beidou short message by leveraging the advantages of the 5G network.
Collection: Application of underlying marketing in the insurance industry based on privacy computing technology
Nowadays, both data statistics and analysis and AI model development need to take data as raw materials. Big data plays an important role in promoting economic development, social governance, and public management.
Collection: Techniques and applications of IIoT time series database management system
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects machine equipment, control systems, information systems and business processes, uses massive data for analysis and decision-making.
Collection: China Telecom's large-scale IPv6+ deployment and service practices
China Telecom has been promoting the technological innovation and commercial deployment of IPv6 for a long time.

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