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Operating system is the basis of the Information Technology industry and the core of the IoT industry. The IoT OS connects hardware and software, thus has more critical value in ensuring security and reliability besides functions.

OneOS is a lightweight IoT OS launched by China Mobile. It has features of scalability, cross-platform, low power consumption, and high security. It supports mainstream CPU architectures such as ARM Cortex-M/R/A, MIPS, RISC-V and is compatible with POSIX, CMSIS, and other standard interfaces. It supports the development of MicroPython and other advanced languages. It provides graphical development tools to improve development efficiency, reduce cost, and help users develop stable, reliable, secure, and easy-to-use IoT applications. The overall architecture of OneOS adopts a layered design, which consists of drivers, kernels, components, and security frameworks. With a lightweight kernel plus multiple system components, as well as more than 800 mainstream MCU chips and other hardware, OneOS has great market expansion potential.


OneOS has industry-leading advantages in security, NB network, end-cloud integration, and 5G Rich Communication Services (RCS):

Comprehensive Security Design: Given the limitation of IoT equipment resources, massive connection, network heterogeneity, and referring to such standards as Security 2.0 and GB/T 36951-2018 Information Security Technology Internet of Things Sensing Terminal application Security technical Requirements, OneOS provides multidimensional security protection capabilities in system security, communication security, data security, and other aspects. OneOS has an overall security framework, including an end-cloud security design. On the terminal side, security capabilities are built based on the trusted root, and functions such as secure startup, security upgrade, authentication, and encryption are implemented. It provides a lightweight password algorithm library and supports the NATIONAL SM2/3/4 cryptography algorithm. (D)TLS-1.3 communication protocol components ensure transmission security; Multiple secure cloud services meet security requirements such as device identity authentication and data encryption. Regarding high reliability and high security, with PSA Level1 and Functional API certifications, OneOS will march towards the industry key certification. Currently, it is in the acceptance stage for EAL 4+ certification, National Secret Level1 certification, and IEC 61508 certification which are expected to be obtained in 2021.


Smart metering solution based on NB-IoT Network: Based on the technology accumulation of the NB-IoT network, OneOS has cooperated with leading enterprises of the metering industry in multi-sensor data fusion, edge computing capability, IoT security application, deep customization of low power consumption, and so on, to create benchmark applications of smart metering. The first ecological application product, Shandong Kede KD-NBIoT smart water meter, has been shipped in more than 100,000 units.

End-to-Cloud integration empowers the smart home industry: OneOS, combined with the cloud platform OneNET, decouples software and hardware through underlying protocols, middleware, and other technologies on the end side to manage the smart home devices and provide a primary platform for upper-layer application development. The OneNET IoT is natively connected to the cloud side, combined with the non-inductive distribution network, connectivity, and other capabilities, to build a software-defined home and the new market entrance of the smart home, promote the upgrading of the diverse home business market.

5G Rich Communication Services (RCS) Component capabilities: OneOS enables vendors to quickly intellectualize devices without development by providing 5G RCS components and a cloud configuration platform. Through the 5G RCS component, OneOS can perform a series of operations such as network distribution and control of the device and provide direct, convenient, large-capacity, and rich-content video-rich media information services, empowering smart device manufacturers in multiple industries.

As an essential part of technology infrastructure, operating system is vital in reducing innovation risks and encouraging enterprises to increase innovation investment. It provides a solid foundation for industrial technology upgrading. At present, OneOS has strategic cooperation with several mainstream chip manufacturers such as ST, NXP, GigaDevice, and has also launched more suitable solutions on smart metering, smart home, smart wear, and intelligent control.

OneOS collaborates with leading enterprises to explore industry standards and promote technological innovation to realize industry empowerment.