Collection: Operating system for the AI era router
Sage AIOS is a corporate AI operating system independently developed by Fourth Paradigm with "low threshold, high efficiency, and continuous optimization".
Collection: Origin Pilot, a quantum operating system
The Origin Pilot is a quantum operating system oriented to an urgent requirement for further application of quantum computing.
Collection: Galaxy Space's technological achievements on low-cost mass production of satellite
Galaxy Space is the leading satellite Internet solution provider and satellite manufacturer in China, also known as the pioneer of China's satellite on low-cost mass production.
Collection: Key components and chips of RF front-end for 5G communication
The key technology in RF (Radio frequency) front-end system is the core of the 5G mobile communication system.
Collection: Technology innovation and application of gigabit optical fiber access PON system
Based on its 20 years of industry experience, CICT took the lead in launching a high-speed and low-latency integrated intelligent PON access system.
Collection: Mass parallel storage theory and efficient unified multi-cloud storage technology
Data Storage and Application Laboratory of Huazhong University of Science and Technology has developed theories in parallel storage and technologies of mass storage.
Collection: Sensing, computing and storage integrated ad hoc networking space router
FNT developed the first ad hoc networking space router and has continued to demonstrate applications in unmanned aerial vehicle networks, satellite networks, and other scenarios.
Collection: Theory and applications of GNSS-based near-earth space environment monitoring
Anomalous variations of the near-earth space environment can cause space weather and meteorological disasters, leading to great damages to human production, property, and lives.
Collection: Barneye intelligent farm control system of AI recognition and positioning
Barneye intelligent farm control system is featured with the wide application of machine learning technologies, such as visual recognition, spatial algorithm positioning, and Internet of Things with micro-kernel distributed control technology to provide a complete solution of intelligent transformation for farms of all sizes.

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