Ren Xianliang meets with secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau of HKSAR



The World Internet Conference (WIC) is considering holding forums in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), according to Ren Xianliang, Secretary-General of the WIC. This was discussed during a meeting between Ren and Sun Dong, Secretary for the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau (ITIB) of HKSAR, on June 28 in Hong Kong.


Ren Xianliang, secretary-general of the World Internet Conference, meets with Sun Dong, secretary for the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, on June 28 in Hong Kong. [Photo/]

Ren highlighted this consideration while introducing the current situation and future work plans of the WIC. He noted that Hong Kong, as a significant financial, trade and shipping center, has notable advantages in hosting international forums.

Ren also expressed his hope that the HKSAR government would strengthen cooperation and coordination with the WIC, identify appropriate themes and topics, and make joint efforts to plan prospective events.

Sun Dong stated that the WIC Wuzhen Summit has become a flagship event in the field of the internet and is an important platform for global exchange and cooperation in this field. He added that the ITIB welcomes the organization of WIC events in Hong Kong and is willing to actively communicate and expedite related work for hosting such events.