WIC committed to creating new pattern of int'l cyberspace cooperation

| Xinhua


HANGZHOU -- The World Internet Conference (WIC) will devote itself to creating a new pattern of international cooperation in cyberspace, Ren Xianliang, secretary-general of the WIC, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua.

The WIC will continue to turn the vision of building a peaceful, safe, open, cooperative and orderly cyberspace into reality, Ren said in the interview during the ongoing 2023 WIC Wuzhen Summit in east China's Zhejiang Province.

Since the first WIC Wuzhen Summit in November 2014, it has become an important platform for exchanges on internet development and governance in the world.

The summit saw the release on Wednesday of the "China Internet Development Report 2023" and the "World Internet Development Report 2023," reviewing the achievements of China's digital economy development over the past decade.

Noting that the development and application of the internet has become an important factor in boosting productivity in various countries, Ren said that information technology also brings challenges to global development.

He said that the inclusiveness, balance and ecology of global digital infrastructure need to be further improved, while problems such as cybersecurity and privacy protection have also emerged.

"The lack of consensus on digital governance between nations have made it hard to form an effective governance model and a complete governance system," according to the secretary-general.

Therefore, the WIC will continue to advance global digital innovation and development, organizing international dialogues and exchanges on cutting-edge topics such as 5G, IPv6, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, as well as enhancing cooperation on digital infrastructure construction, said Ren.

In the meantime, a new order for internet development and governance will continue to be established, Ren said, adding that the WIC will actively participate in digital cooperation under the multilateral framework, and build an online cultural exchange and sharing platform.

"To solve the problem of common development, mankind needs international cooperation and open sharing more than ever before," the secretary-general said.