Youth Talk - Moksh Jawa: Bringing the internet community closer



Moksh Jawa, Schwarzman Scholar of Tsinghua University and one of the youth leaders of the World Internet Conference (WIC) Global Youth Leadership Program, expressed his hopes for the 10th year of the WIC Wuzhen Summit that it will bring the community together and build bonds, relationships and understanding that will go much beyond the conference.

He said that for the selected youth leaders, it is their responsibility to construct the internet in an inclusive way and to build a safe and shared cyberspace.

The Global Youth Leadership Program is a brand activity of the WIC international organization. It aims to select outstanding young people in the global Internet field, closely follow the frontier trends of Internet technology, industry and governance, carry out a series of youth activities of training, forums, dialogues and research, and build an international exchange and cooperation platform for young people worldwide.