Building secure, trusted AI: Insights from WIC Nishan Dialogue




Zhou Hongyi, founder of cybersecurity company 360 Security Group, addresses the World Internet Conference Nishan Dialogue on Digital Civilization. [Photo provided to]

Zhou Hongyi, founder of the cybersecurity company 360 Security Group, emphasized the future potential of large language models in enterprise, industry, government and city settings.

Large language models are a major advancement in intelligence and can significantly boost productivity. However, he pointed out limitations in current public models regarding industry specificity, data security risks, content trustworthiness and cost control.

He thus advocated for the development of vertical large-scale models tailored to specific domains, transforming their role from universal assistants to specific solutions for governments, industries and enterprises.

He added he believed it's important to create large-scale models that are secure, trustworthy, controllable and user-friendly. For example, when applied in enterprise settings, they should serve as assistants to businesses and employees.

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