Building secure, trusted AI: Insights from WIC Nishan Dialogue




Robin Li, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu Inc, addresses the World Internet Conference Nishan Dialogue on Digital Civilization in Qufu, Shandong province, on June 26, 2023. [Photo provided to]

Robin Li, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu Inc, said establishing comprehensive legal frameworks, institutional systems and ethical standards to ensure the healthy development of AI is vital to fostering a favorable innovation ecosystem.

He added it is important to prioritize risk prevention when developing AI by establishing mechanisms that allow for experimentation, adaptation and course correction to strike a dynamic balance between innovation and regulation.

As China has unique strengths in AI application scenarios, the development of specialized large models needs to be further tailored to sectors such as finance, healthcare and power.

By responsibly steering AI development and ensuring security measures, large models can shape a transformative digital landscape, he concluded.

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