Foreign Internet Influencers Experience Fusion and Collision of Traditional Chinese Culture and Modern Technology in Birthplace of Confucian Culture

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On June 20, the World Internet Conference Nishan Dialogue on Digital Civilization - "Nishan and AI Embracing the Future" brought foreign internet influencers to the Confucius Museum and Rokae (Shandong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to experience the integration of traditional Chinese culture and modern technology.

Through modern technologies such as multimedia and intelligent mobile terminals, the Confucius Museum has immersed visitors in a more vivid, three-dimensional and direct experience of Confucianism with facilities such as smart audio guide, interactive and virtual games and "Confucius Q&A".


Celia, an Internet influencer from Guatemala, tries out the “Confucius Q&A” interaction game.

During the event, Internet influencers also visited Rokae (Shandong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.. The company has developed a writing robot that can imitate human handwriting. "The robot is incredible. It can perfectly imitate my handwriting." The Spanish Internet influencer Noelia said, "I think this technology can be used in many fields such as cultural heritage protection, so that human civilization can be better inherited." 


The writing robot wows foreign Internet influencers

In this one-day visit, the integration of Confucianism and modern technology impressed Internet influencers. Regarding the issue of balancing the development of artificial intelligence and human civilization, Brazilian Internet influencer Cymye believes that the rapid development of artificial intelligence has brought some negative problems, however, the Confucian philosophy of "harmony" will guide the balanced development and harmonious coexistence of artificial intelligence and human civilization.