Would you use AI to bring loved ones back to 'life'?

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Editor's note: It might sound like science fiction, but thanks to development of AI technology, some tech-savvy people are exploring ways to keep their loved ones "alive" — even after they've died. A man from Shanghai, a visual designer, used artificial intelligence to create a digital version of his late grandmother. The "grandmother" can blink, nod, talk and even heartily laugh. If you could speak with your deceased loved ones again, would you take the chance? Readers share their opinions.


I'm not sure if I would take the chance. The pain of losing a loved one can be so hard and overwhelming, but we have to move forward and get over the loss. I don't think it would help if I still kept my loved ones alive. They could keep us clinging to the past, unable to move forward and grow.


WuWuliu created a digital version of his late grandmother through the help of AI.

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