Xi underscores role of education, sci-tech, talent in modernization drive

| Xinhua


BEIJING -- Xi Jinping on Sunday stressed invigorating China through science and education and developing a strong workforce for the modernization drive.

Education, science and technology, and human resources are the foundational and strategic pillars for building a modern socialist country in all respects, Xi said in a report at the opening session of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

"We must regard science and technology as our primary productive force, talent as our primary resource, and innovation as our primary driver of growth," Xi said. "We will open up new areas and new arenas in development and steadily foster new growth drivers and new strengths."

To develop education that meets the people's expectations, China will move faster to build a high-quality educational system, advance students' well-rounded development, and promote fairness in education, Xi said.

Systems for scientific and technological innovation will be improved. Innovation will remain at the heart of China's modernization drive, and an open and globally competitive innovation ecosystem will be created, according to Xi.

China will accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, with faster pace to achieve greater self-reliance and strength in science and technology, Xi said.

Xi said the country will also implement the workforce development strategy, with measures to build world hubs for talent and innovation at a faster pace.