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GCash, DANA, and Telenor Microfinance Bank (TMB) are among the financial institutions outside China that have used OceanBase Database. In the Philippines, OceanBase Database helped GCash to upgrade its payment system into a distributed scalable architecture using a distributed database. Through this system, GCash can improve efficiency at lower costs during times of rapid business growth, as well as implement a multi-zone disaster recovery system of financial grade. In addition to reducing GCash's storage requirements by 70%, OceanBase Database also reduces its resource costs by more than 40%. In Indonesia, DANA, a payment service provider, has been able to maintain a stable service for tens of millions of customers through OceanBase Database. The overall availability of DANA's business system was extremely high in 2020, ensuring zero faults and zero data losses.

A fully developed in-house database, OceanBase Database has been updated periodically since 2010. OceanBase Database is a relational database management system capable of supporting online transaction processing (OLTP) in a horizontally scalable architecture, demonstrating a world-class transaction processing capability. A wide range of industries related to the national economy, including government affairs, finance, telecommunications, and energy, have implemented OceanBase Database to power their core business systems. The service is used by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide, contributing to ten billion CNY in direct and indirect economic benefits.

I. Distributed relational database developed by a company with a global leadership position in transaction processing

The OceanBase Database has been developed entirely by Ant Group in-house. This database makes significant advances in distributed transaction processing, novel storage, and lossless automatic disaster recovery, and overcomes a number of drawbacks associated with conventional databases, such as poor scalability, high storage costs, and data loss during disaster recovery. OceanBase Database innovations include:

An unprecedented city-level lossless disaster recovery solution is supported by OceanBase Database. A total of five IDCs are deployed across three regions to ensure no data loss or service interruption when the majority of replicas are operating properly, with a recovery point objective (RPO) of 0 and a recovery time objective (RTO) of less than 30 seconds.

OceanBase Database is capable of processing tens of millions of transactions per second. In this way, relational databases are able to scale horizontally indefinitely and distributed transactions are able to maintain strong consistency. In the TPC-C benchmark test, OceanBase Database was ranked first with 707 million tpmC, which is leading globally.

Data storage with a high compression ratio offers customers the ability to leverage database performance and data compression, which is not possible with centralized databases, as well as lowering storage costs significantly. CSTC statistics indicate that OceanBase Database has assisted Sinopec in integrating its 23 dispersed systems into one and has reduced storage costs by approximately 87.5%.

Streamlined data migration from heterogeneous databases: This technology protects the company's intangible technical assets and minimizes the cost of scaling and modifying the existing system. China Insurance Corporation (CIC) and China Mobile Shandong have successfully migrated tens of millions of lines of code developed from Oracle databases to OceanBase Database without modifying the applications. 


Migration Completed for China Mobile Shandong


Migration Completed for CIC

II. Stable Operation and Sustainable Development: Serving the Core Business Systems of More Than 400 Enterprises Worldwide

In this era of the digital economy, the OceanBase Database meets the requirements of a number of industries for infrastructure during digital transformation. It can be deployed and run on bare metal or in the cloud, and it can compensate for the shortcomings of a centralized architecture. OceanBase Database has been widely applied in several key industries, including finance, government affairs, telecommunications, energy, transportation, and online services. All core business systems of Ant Group and Mybank, as well as those of ICBC, Changshu Rural Commercial Bank, Hongta Bank, China Merchants Securities, PICC, CIC, Sinopec, and Alibaba Group, are supported by this system. In 2013, OceanBase Database was first deployed within Ant Group's internal business systems. Currently, it supports all core links of Alipay as well as all core business systems such as membership, transactions, payments, and accounting. During the massive Double Eleven Shopping Festival, it was able to ensure the stable operation of Alipay for nine consecutive years. 


The OceanBase Team in the Double Eleven Shopping Festival 2018

III. Achieving remarkable results in cost reduction, efficiency improvement, energy conservation, and emission reduction by breaking the stranglehold of database technologies

Currently, OceanBase Databass provides stable business operations, improves business efficiency, reduces storage space requirements, and lowers procurement and operation and maintenance costs.

OceanBase Database has been successfully developed and commercialized, enabling it to compete internationally in the field of database management. For enterprises in various industries, it provides a solid foundation for transforming their systems into distributed architectures.


Statistics by China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC)

Ⅳ.The First Fully In-house Developed and Open-source Distributed Relational Database in China

In the Mulan Open Source community, OceanBase has released three million lines of core code. A technology roadmap is being developed that will lead to a Chinese company owning a database ecosystem. The open-source community has attracted approximately 33,900 users and 129 core code contributors over the past year. Over 4,500 stars have been awarded to the project. More than 200 companies have deployed OceanBase Community Edition, including Kuaishou,, KE Holdings, UnionPay, Sunshine Insurance, China Telecom,, Qihoo 360, and OceanBase has trained more than 10,000 database professionals through its open-source community and talent incubation partnerships with more than 20 universities in China. 


Winners of the First OceanBase Database Tournament (OBDT) 2021


An Offline Meetup with the OceanBase Team