Collection: "IPv6+" International Standards Formulation, Device Development, Networking Design and Scale deployment




China Unicom and Huawei carried out "IPv6 +" standard formulation, device development, networking design and scale deployment, and designed a comprehensive "IPv6 +" solution for telecom level network which effectively improved the network service quality of international events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics. It is an important embodiment of the information and communication industry to promote the Cyberpower and the construction of Digital China.

Section 1: Building-up of "IPv6 +" technology system, upgradation of network connectivity


The "IPv6 +" Technology System is Network Technology Innovation Represented by Segment Routing, Network Slicing, Streaming Detection, and Application Awareness.

China Unicom and Huawei have jointly carried out "IPv6 +" technology research, formulated series of "IPv6 +" international standards, submitted more than 100 Chinese patents, and promoted the evolution and development of "IPv6 +" technology system.

(1) Research on network slicing technology was carried out to create differentiated SLA service capability, which effectively solved the problem of insufficient deterministic capacity of traditional IP network for comprehensive services. The IP network evolved from service with best effort to service with promised quality.

(2) Carry out research on iFIT(in-situ Flow Information Telemetry)technology to make up for the shortcomings of conventional measurement technologies such as TWAMP, provide the ability to accurately sense the network carrier quality, realize packet by packet iFIT, and present the SLA of business flow in real time.

(3) Carry out research on application awareness technology, innovatively bring application information into the network, and enable the network to be aware of application type and demand in real time to provide fine and customized services.

Based on the above research, Huawei took the lead in developing new router devices that support the "IPv6 +" technical capability; China Unicom took the lead in designing the programmable networking scheme based on SRv6; At present, IPv6 + technology has been deployed in many provinces and cities of China Unicom, which effectively improves the network service ability and product innovation ability.

Section 2: Promotion of "IPv6 +" Application Demonstration, Improvement of Industrial Service Quality

China Unicom and Huawei have carried out a series of research and testing work, which has played a pioneering role in the maturity of "IPv6+" technology and service demonstration.

China Unicom has taken the lead in promoting the scale deployment of IPv6+, and  realized  provincial scale deployment of "IPv6+ 1.0" capability in Hebei.

Based on the "IPv6 +" technology, China Unicom has created a smart private data network for Beijing Winter Olympics. With the application of SRv6 technology, it optimizes the transmission of multimedia data such as pictures and videos, and provides various services with low delay routing, delay degradation awareness, and delay optimization capabilities; An SRv6 Cloud backbone network connecting seven cities in the Pearl River Delta has been built in Guangdong, providing high-quality services to industrial customers based on SRv6 + network slicing technology. At present, the successful experience of these application demonstrations is being comprehensively popularized in the IP Carrier Network of China Unicom.

Section 3: Focus on "IPv6 +" innovation practice to promote the transformation and upgradation of economic society


China Unicom Has Carried Out "IPv6 +" Innovation Practice in Many Places, Enabling Thousands of Industries and Generating Good Social and Economic Benefits.

China Unicom and Huawei continuously promote the research of IPv6 + international standards, combine network system innovation to create new advantages of IPv6 scale deployment, accelerate network evolution and upgrade, and help improve the quality and efficiency of the economy. China Unicom's SRv6 + network slice application innovation has brought good economic benefits, and pilot validation of series products based on SRv6 business chain and application/computing power awareness has been completed. China Unicom and Huawei have effectively promoted industrial technological upgradation of IPv6 and service quality of telecommunication network.