Collection: Sugon Computing Service — Computing infrastructure for science and technology innovation and service platform for public computing

| By Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. and Sugon Smart Computing Information Technology Co., Ltd.



By deeply integrating "high-density computing+big data+deep learning", Sugon Computing Service sets up a computing infrastructure for science and technology innovation and a service platform for public computing. Cross integration and application innovation are realized in earth science, brain-like intelligence, biological genes, quantum information, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment simulation design, advanced manufacturing, and other fields. Currently, computing service resources have covered more than ten regions in China and have boosted lots of technological innovation.

Sugon Computing Service accesses and aggregates national computing resources and owns a huge and ever-expanding computing power pool. Users are provided with six functional services through the unified national portal, including computing software and hardware resource, resource sharing, cross-research support, centralized data storage and backup, unified security management, and industrial innovation. The computing service is built based on "new positioning, new architecture, new technology, and new mode" to realize "intensive construction, shared service, and market-oriented operation". Through such measures as intensive sharing of resources, computing data services, the transformation of technology achievements, and incubation of industrial innovation, the output value of the whole industry chain in all regions of China will see a ten-billion-level growth.

New positioning

It is positioned as a service platform for science and technology innovation, which not only serves the scientific research and engineering design needs of universities, research institutes, and other organizations but also focuses on the economy and industry, aiming at promoting technological innovation as well as industrial transformation and upgrading towards the middle and high end, and endeavoring to become an important part of the national industrial and economic development. Therefore, it is completely different from the traditional computing power center, which mainly focused on science and education, and relatively ignored the role of the industrial economy. This positioning means that Sugon Computing Cloud is a major science and technology infrastructure and an innovative public service platform. Its service scope, objects, and contents will be greatly expanded, thus becoming a new force in China's national computing service environment, making up for the limited capacity of inclusive services and insufficient integration with the industrial economy.

New architecture

It adopts the converged architecture design, flexibly adapts to various application scenarios through modular design, and supports both general-purpose and special-purpose computing. It supports traditional scientific engineering simulation computing and supports many new scientific research applications such as big data computing and machine learning. The key is to realize the combination of "high-density computing+big data+deep learning, address the incapability of traditional computing power center for big data analysis, and facilitate the software service ecosystem through cloud computing.

New technology

It employs future-oriented computing technologies. For example, the energy-saving and noice cancellation technology with liquid cooling is used to reduce system-level power consumption and build a green energy-saving data center; the world's leading Internet technology achievement - silicon cubic technology for cabinet extending is used to improve computing power per unit space, realize rapid multi-dimensional expansion, reduce the computing cost, and promote the inclusive benefits of computing power. The remote and centralized operation and maintenance service technology are used to raise the operation and maintenance efficiency, digitalize and automate operation and maintenance, decrease the difficulty for scientific researchers to use computing power, and accelerate innovation in science and technology.

New model

It acts as an institution dealing with market-oriented technology research and development, achievement transformation, industry incubation, and public service. Based on economic and industrial development needs, it carries out intensive construction, shared services, and market-oriented operation, with the system and mechanism more flexible and competitive than the traditional computing center. Among them, intensive construction can avoid the low-level repeated construction of scientific research institutions, and can maximize the utility of resources, so that the user can access computing resources that are several times or ten times the scale of his system; shared services mainly guide more users to share software and hardware computing resources and data resources, and improve the cross-research level; market-oriented operation is to stimulate the use efficiency of computing power, maximize benefits in the limited life cycle of the system, and create greater value for users.