Collection: AI+3D Gold Medal Sports System

| By Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Based on various AI capabilities of Baidu Brain and the infrastructure services of Baidu AI Cloud, the "AI+3D" Gold Medal Sports System utilizes the cloud-edge-terminal integrated technology to realize intelligent collection, quick collation, 3D real-time analysis, accurate quantitative evaluation, free view space-time freezing and friendly human-machine interaction, which can empower all kinds of sports activities. This solution breaks through the traditional training modes accurately and visually displays the training data in real-time and makes the athletic training more scientific, reasonable, and effective by the horizontal and vertical big data analysis to facilitate the improvement of the competitive level of athletes. So, the System has been applied to the daily training of the Gold Medal Team — the Chinese National Diving Team.


Based on various AI capabilities of Baidu Brain and the infrastructure services of Baidu AI Cloud, Baidu Research has created the first "AI+3D" Sports System in China, possessing four major core highlights which are respectively "seeing clearly", "seeing accurately", "seeing comprehensively" and "seeing thoroughly".

The first core highlight of the system is "seeing clearly". Given the high-speed movement characteristic of most sports, the "cloud-edge-terminal" integrated software and hardware system for data acquisition and processing has been built based on Baidu Brain and Baidu AI Cloud. On edge, a series of data acquisition equipment has been deployed, including a high-speed camera, high-definition digital camera, depth camera, laser radar, infrared sensor, pressure sensor, EMG sensor, heart rate sensor, and fiber optic gyroscope. On the cloud, the system owns the related services of 3D visual perception, multi-dimensional data fusion, AI intelligent analysis, and intelligent cloud; on the terminal, mobile terminals such as tablet computers can be used to achieve the 3D interactive system and intelligent training assistant and to form the data into a professional knowledge model for movement guidance.


The second core highlight of the system is "seeing accurately". First, the images and high-speed video data are collected to examine the athletes by the 3D vision algorithm and depth neural network of Baidu Brain, calculating the 2D and 3D skeleton joint points of athletes. The geometrical principle of computational photography is used to recover the three-dimensional attitude of movement and enables each action of the athletes at each moment to be accurately captured and digitally stored, greatly improving the scientificity of training.


The third core highlight of the system is "seeing comprehensively". Based on 3D reconstruction and fine-grain three-dimensional modeling technology, the "AI+3D" Gold Medal Sports System achieves the digital reconstruction of the training site and one-to-one three-dimensional re-creation of every detail of the training site.

The fourth core highlight of the system is "seeing thoroughly". The action analysis algorithm based on deep learning has realized the intelligent scoring and intelligent establishment of training technology for athletes' actions, which is convenient for the athletes to have a thorough understanding of their own training quality and level. This system first constructs a sports action dictionary, and can automatically identify which action is completed, the corresponding action code, and the difficulty coefficient after the athletes complete one action and meanwhile give scores for the finishing quality.


The "AI+3D" Gold Medal Sports System utilizes the global-leading 3D visual perception and processing technologies to intelligently collect and collate the high-speed videos of diving, quantify the diving action indexes from the 3D visual angle and intelligently give scores, break through the difficult problems of quantitative evaluation and data analysis of sports, freeze the athletic sports in time and space dimensions more finely, making the athletic training more scientific, intelligent, reasonable and effective. In addition, the AI technology can quantitatively evaluate the training status of athletes based on the training data, intelligently generate training plans and predict the competition results through horizontal and vertical big data comparison. Meanwhile, the AI technology can "quantitatively" save the training data of the former outstanding athletes, form "digital" professional knowledge and training experience, which will greatly promote training and preparation of the Chinese National Diving Team, and generate a positive significance in technical assistance. Meanwhile, the technology can effectively support the cultivation of future youth training talents and promote the vigorous development of the whole sports industry.