| By State Grid Corporation of China


State Grid Corporation of China insists on building a new power system and serving "Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutrality" as essential tasks, strengthening digital transformation concepts such as data-driven, integrated innovation, win-win cooperation, and innovating to build NEW ENERGY CLOUD.

NEW ENERGY CLOUD conforms to the trend of the energy revolution and the digital revolution. It thoroughly considered the characteristics of Chinese energy resource endowment, the role of the grid hub platform, and the load distribution characteristics. It deeply integrated the new generation of information technology with the business of the new energy industry chain, value chain, and ecosystem, gathers all data elements, and improves the ability and efficiency of resource allocation,and created an internationally leading new energy digital economy platform with Chinese characteristics. New Energy Cloud adopted the system engineering thinking method and the 'PDCA' total quality management concept, researched and designed 15 functional sub-platforms, including 'Environmental Bearing, Resource Distribution, Planning, Manufacturer Users, Power Supply Companies, Grid Services, Electricity Customers, Electricity Price Subsidies, Supply and Demand Forecasts, Storage Energy Services, Consumption Calculation, Technical Consultation, Regulations and Policies, Decision-making Assistance and Carbon Neutralization Support Services', it has built a complete system architecture of new energy digital economy platform, which can provide one-stop services such as new energy consumption analysis, planning and site selection, online grid connection, subsidy declaration, operation monitoring, financial services, information consulting, and intelligent operation and maintenance, it has formed a new energy open service system with grid services as the core, "horizontal coordination, vertical integration" and "full links, full connection, full coverage, full ecology and full scenario".


NEW ENERGY CLOUD highlights the characteristics of service, with the purpose of "serving energy transformation, serving green development and carbon neutrality and serving the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body". It gradually plays an important role in serving the public, promoting the new energy industry, etc. The first is to promote the pilot construction of carbon neutrality support services in some cities, especially Huzhou, Zhejiang, and to serve the green and low-carbon transformation of key areas such as energy, industry, construction, transportation, agriculture, and residents' lives. Second, the State Grid Corporation's core processes have been implemented for the first time. A 'horizontal coordination, vertical integration' full process management system has been built and realized business coordination. The whole process connection of new energy planning, pre-stage, construction, grid connection, operation, trading, subsidies, and other links, provided external 'one-stop' business online processing services. The third is to build the world's largest new energy operation monitoring service platform, which has accumulated access to more than 2.1 million new energy power stations in the State Grid Corporation's operating area. The platform has a total installed capacity of 470 million kilowatts, which can dynamically monitor the operation indicators of wind farms and photovoltaic power stations connected to the platform, such as hourly power generation, power generation, and power curtailment. The daily operating data volume exceeds 1T. The fourth is to develop new energy consumption capacity calculation, evaluation, early warning, and release functions, which can dynamically assess the status of new energy consumption in various regions, change the traditional offline calculation mode, change the original centralized calculation of new energy for more than 100 people lasting one month to cloud collaborative joint calculation — the time shortened to less than two weeks. Fifth, NEW ENERGY CLOUD "emergency new energy users" urgent need' provides a one-stop service for the entire online declaration process, review, publicity, and announcement of the list of subsidy projects. A total of 25 batches of subsidy projects have been announced, with over 33,000 confirmed projects and 157 million kilowatts of installed capacity. Sixth, to create the most significant new energy-related policy and technology exchange platform, which has collected more than tens of thousands of new energy-related laws, regulations, policies, technologies, and public opinion hotspots from the state and local governments since 1995, and provided the latest interpretation of policies and regulations and the most cutting-edge domestic and foreign technical information to all sectors of society.

NEW ENERGY CLOUD has achieved full coverage of the 27 provincial companies of the State Grid Corporation of China. More than 10,000 service companies and many academicians, experts, and scholars in the industry highly recognized the critical role and significance of the NEW ENERGY CLOUD. It won the highest award of the SNEC International Solar Energy Expo "Terawatt Diamond Award", which attracted attention from all walks of life.